How does a router work with n/ac/ax product comparison

A router forwards a data packet between two or more LANs (or networks) forming a internetwork that allows data packets reaches destination. is a layer 3 device under the OSI model.

A router reads a network address information on the packet header and check routing table or policy. And then exchanges information about the destination address using a routing protocol.

Each router has two planes :-

  1. Control Plane : Routing Table. This routing table can be static or dynamic table. Static routing has fixed points. In dynamic routers, a routing protocol is followed.
  2. Forwards plane: It forwards the packet between incoming and outgoing interference connection.

Router does not look for payload of packet. It only checks for best match between destination IP Address in routing table. Some routers also allows specific rules that overrides rules of the routing table.

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General table for Router wifi division :-

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

A DHCP allocates unique IP address to the devices within a network so that traffic can flow without confusion. It is a Plug and Play feature (UPnP).

PPPoE (Point to Point Protocl over Ethernet)

A PPPoE requires username and password everytime to connect to the ISP via a PTP Tunnel. But this type of connection has now become legacy. Currently DHCP is better than PPPoE but may still be used.


Below figure clears the beamforming :-

Beamforming allows dead points in a room to be active on otherwise not reachable. It extends the Wifi signal for better connectivity.

Comparison N300-N450

Below table lists the product comparison of N300-N450 routers: –

Table by Visualizer

TP-Link TL-WR940N offers a 3×3 MIMO technology and is best for a 3×3 client device. Next, D-Link DIR 650 is better due to pressence of 4 antenna for better hold on connectivity.

D-Link has brought new router R03 and R04 in this range.

Comparison AC750-AC1350

Below table lists the product comparison of AC750-AC1350 routers: –

Table by Visualizer

In AC750 category, the speed offered is close to realistic speeds of AC bands. Until the client devices also supports 2×2 MIMO these routers are best. Both D-Link DIR 806 and Acrcher C20/C24 are equally good. But since D-Link is cheaper it can be taken as a better option. Otherwise both are same.

In AC1200, dual band router supports 2×2 MIMO. It is most advantageous router has many new devices does support 2×2 MIMO. So, it can offer speed upto 867 Mbps. These routers are best practical wireless devices. Among them, only Archer A6/C6 has 5 antenna for better connectivity and beam forming. Then Dlink DIR 1260 router is good option.

In AC1300, category Dlink Dir-853 is better option as it offers Gigabit LAN ports. It also offers USB option for shaing memorable photos and videos.

Comparison AC1750-AC1900

Below table lists the product comparison of AC1750-AC1900 routers: –

Table by Visualizer

In both AC1750 and AC1900, offeres a 3×3 MIMO. The end device should also support 3×3 MIMO technology to get this entire speeds. All routers in this category performs almost same. D-Link DIR 1760 offers 4 antennas and Antivirus installed on the router. Thus, no need to install antivirus on client device if the end devices are stationary.

In AC1900, Archer C80 offers better modes of operation and other features.

Comparison AC2600-AC3200

Below table lists the product comparison of AC2600-AC3200 routers: –

Table by Visualizer

All AC2600 router are 4×4 MIMO. The speeds offered are upto 1733 Mbps with help of 256 QAM 5/6. Still we are waiting for ISP’s to provide such high speeds to general public. But the routers are here and can be used for internal WLAN communication.

Among AC2600, Netgear NightHawk R7800/X4S is the best as it offers DFS channel support. It ticks all boxes for being the best router in general also. Then comes D-Link DIR 2660 with USB option and anti-virus support.

Among AC3000 is a Triband router with one 4×4 MIMO and other two chnannel being at 2×2 MIMO. DIR-3060 offers both solution for 2×2 support and 4×4 support. Netgear’s R8000 is just Triband with 3×3 MIMO. So need to check with end devices and own preference. But still here DIR-3060>Netgear R8000.

Comparison AC5400

Below list compares AC5400 routers :-

Table by Visualizer

AC5400 is a Tri Band router. Archer C5400X offers more user friendly features and available at lower price makes it better than D-Link.

Comparison of AX1500-AX1800

Below list compares AX1500-AX1800 routers :-

Table by Visualizer

802.11ax is the latest technology in Wifi protocol. 802.11ax follows own 20 MHz channel speeds and 40 MHz speeds. This is because 802.11ax supports higher 1024 QAM settings. Hence, with 2×2 MIMO 802.11ax can support speed of 1200 Mbps while with 2×2 support was uptill 867 Mbps in AC routers.

Only RAX20 support DFS channels which is so important. Hence is the best router in this category. Archer AX1500 is good option as it has more user friendly features. D-Link DIR 1860 is good option with 4×4 support for 600 Mbps speed.

D-Link has also brought R-15 with AX1500 WIFI speed.

Comparison of AX3000-AX5400

Below list compares AX3000-AX5400 routers :-

Table by Visualizer

With AX3000, Archer AX50/AX3000 is a better option as Archer offers 4 antenna in comparison to 2 antenna in Netgear. Also it offers more features such as Firewall, Repeater modes. Both devices support DFS so no problems here.

On AX5400, Netgear RAX50 wins the comparison as it supports DFS channels while Archer AX73 does not offers them.

Comparison of AX6000-AX11000

Below list compares AX6000-AX11000 routers :-

Table by Visualizer

Among AX6000, RAX120 offers best features. It support DFS cahnnels. It has support for 5Gigabit LAN ports. This is best technology as currently we are limited to 1 Gbps ports. But now this introduces 5G ports. Also, ports support LACP. LACP is link aggregation. Two or more ports can be combined to form an aggregated port for flow of data. Archer support uptill 2500 Mbps. Both the router support dual USB. These router also support 8×8 MIMO. In near future end devices will come with 8×8 MIMO.

Among AX11000 routers are Tri band routers. They support 4804 Mbps 8×8 on two channels and 1148 in 4×4 bands. Here also, RAX200/NightHawk AX12 is better option. It supports LACP with 2.5 Gigabit ports on both WAN and LAN ports. Archer AX11000 supports 2.5G on WAN port only. So, overall RAX200 is a better option.

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