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Best Samsung Note series Smartphone!!

Samsung comes with four series phones. Firstly, the M series (online only) targets mid-range users. Secondly, A series targets premium end users. Then, S series targets business and casual users. Lastly, Note Series targets business users oriented on S-pen.

Samsung Note Series
Samsung Note Series

In this article, we discuss the Note-series. This is the flagship series of Samsung. Note-series is the most professional and premium smartphone. It S-series with added S-pen.

As we all know, it comes with S-pen. It can take notes, draw, click. Very few brands offer pen with phone. But, Samsung is the best.

Wow, now lets see each feature and find the best :-

  1. Design : Hands-on feel should be great! Anything less than 8 mm depth is sleek. Samsung Note 10 and 10+ are sleek.
  2. Display : These are great. Dynamic AMOLED of Note 8, 9 and 10+ with QHD+ are great. Surprisingly, Note 10 and Note 10 Lite lack QHD+. Note 10 Lite has Super AMOLED only.
  3. Camera : Note series like S-series offers top camera setup. All the current Note series offers similar camera setup.
  4. Processor : These mobiles usually sport Samsung’s own top end Exynos 9 – Series chip sets. These include GPU, NPU suited for every need.
  5. Ram and Storage: Samsung uses Java for its OS. Java has garbage collection. So, higher RAM helps in use of multiple software.
  6. Battery and Charger : Samsung sports Fast Charger and Intelligent battery in S series. It boosts charging speed. A typical 15W charger takes 10 minutes to charge 10%. You may do the math now.
  7. HDR Content Support on Netflix: Wow, just amazing to watch HDR10+ content videos on mobile in Dynamic AMOLED. Note 10 Lite does not support HDR10 Content on Netflix.

Samsung Note series are a bit on heavy side. But offers great battery, memory and S-pen. With One UI support and Dex it is a great bundle.

Overall, Note 10+, Note 20 Ultra and Note 20 offers great setup.

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