What are mini-PC explained and comparison of Core i7 Mini-PC (NUC)

What are mini-pc? Small PC, Mini-PC, NUC (Next Computing Unit) all are same. It is a small factor computer, the size of our palm. It is a light weight unit. Mini-PC saves power, uses less desk space and more so it costs far less. Mini-PC is as fast as desktop or laptop.

Intel Core i7 NUC
Intel Core i7 NUC

What are the major differences among Desktop, Mini-PC and Laptop?

What are the use-cases of Mini PC?

1. Workstation: It is perfect for office use. It reduces wire clutter. That means more space for documents and other purpose. Ex. Banks have started

2. Projector: No need to connect and reconnect Laptops. One may share LAN and directly use it for projector.

3. Convert TV to Smart TV: Thanks to high portability. One can permanently covert your normal TV to smart TV via HDMI cable. Now, you can easily watch Netflix, Prime, YouTube, etc.

What are the system requirement for Operating System (OS) and Games?

These are the recommended system requirement.

What is the best Core i7 based Mini PC?

Mini-PC varies as per the processor speed: Celeron/Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 based. It is in increasing order of speed. For more on CPU please click here.

Conclusion: Game will run butter smooth with better display. Core i7 processor has both Quad Core and better threads. Even Turbo Boost helps on over-clocking if required. All other graphical software runs smooth here. In fact office apps will take less than 10% of CPU usage.

Overall, Intel NUC 8i7HVK-8809G is better. It has higher Graphics Card, better TDP. It has 13 USB Slots and offers best 4K support.

Also, check out reviews for Mini PC on Celeron, Core i3, Core i5 setup.

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