What are best anti-virus software for mobile comparison

Anti Virus are also called Anti-malware or AV software. In this article, we discuss cyber security trends, types of virus and compare best anti-virus software for Android in 2020. Kindly check out Anti Virus for Windows PC and MacOS also.

Mobile Antivirus
Mobile Antivirus

Smartphones users are rising. Attackers view this as new income sources. Plus our data and privacy is unsafe. We need solid anti virus to protect ourselves because data is everything.

In Chart 1, global malware attacks on Android is shown. It is on rise year on year. In Chart 2, types of attacks is shown for 2020. In Chart 3, threat on data is shown. What do hacker steal? Lastly, in chart 4, method of attack entry is shown. (All data taken from high authority websites).

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer

What are the types of Malware or Virus?

Below are the types of malware attack in 2020. Some attacks use one malware, however attackers may use combination of virus also.

What is the best Anti-Virus software for personal use in 2020?

We did real time testing and also took results from AV-Test.org to find best. AV-Test.org is a well-known 3rd party company that does monthly testing. There are only three criteria. Protection, Light Weight, False Warnings, More Features.

  1. Protection: Against both old and latest virus. Latest virus includes new virus detected in last 24 hours.
  2. Light Weight: Does the anti-virus slow our android? Most of us feel it reduces speed of android. But No.
  3. False Warnings: Does it raise false alarms?
  4. Extra Features: Who don’t like extra features? Some of them are VPN, Call Blocker, Backup, Safe Browsing. But most of them are available anyways with Android. So not required much but good to have them.

Overall, McAffe, Norton, TrendMicro, BitDefender, Kaspersky and F-secure are among the best. Avast and AVG are good too. Click on the amazon links to get latest offers and price.

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