Best NVMe SSD for Laptop and Desktop PC

It is said that good things comes in small packages. Solid State Drives NVMe are the latest new gen devices. It goes inside the cabinet and links directly to the Motherboard. It is way faster than SATA SSDs with speeds upto 32 GB/s.


SSDs Market Share by Form Factor

If you are new to SSD do check out more about SSDs here. By 2023, market share for M.2 NVMe drives will be nearing 20% of the SSD marketplace. These will be far more powerful than other Form Factors down the line. By mid 2021 SSDs will be more affordable. It will eventually replace Hard Disk Drives.

SSDs Market Share by Company

WD and Samsung enjoys their 50% market share over others SSD providers. All companies are innovating on these devices. This space is going to be more fierce. We should see more competitive pricing in future.


We review Samsung, WD, ADATA, Micron, Intel and Gigabyte SSDs. They cover a variety of SSDs available in the market.

Testing Methodolgy

We have done real-world testing of devices. That means we did prolong testing with including data transfer tests above 100 GBs for each devices. Hence, the results might be different from what is advertised by companies or promoters. Most of SSDs we tested have TLC memory type. In our review, QLC and MLC drives are also included.

We have mentioned the cache size and speed for each of DRAM, SLC cache and the base memory module. Endurance and warranty is as per company website. All the cache size and DRAM size mentioned are based on our testing experience. The SLC cache or DRAM sizes are not mentioned by most company themselves.


Finally it’s here :-

Our Analysis

Below is based on performance and long life :-

Samsung 970 PRO > Gigabyte AORUS > Samsung 970 EVO PLUS > Samsung 970 EVO > Micron Crucial P5 > Intel 760p > Micron Crucial P2 > ADATA S5 XPG Gammix > WD Black > Micron Crucial P1 > Intel 660p > ADATA SU800 > Gigabyte SSD > WD Blue

All the above SSDs are good. But finding the optimal one is best based on budget and usage. In our analysis we found Samsung PRO and Gigabyte AORUS series are the best few. Both are MLC (2 bit) memory type. They have longer life and are faster SSD than TLC.

Do check out Best SATA SSDs for Desktop and Laptop in 2020. If you want to know more about SSD please visit the FAQs.

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