AMD Gigabyte Motherboard all series explained

AMD Motherboard
AMD Motherboard

Gigabyte is a Taiwanese company established in 1986. Gigabyte is major manufacturer of Motherboards. Recently, Gigabyte started making SSDs, RAMs, BRIX, Keyboard, Mouse and other computer hardware. It also manufactures custom graphics card for Nvidia and AMD.

Gigabyte has presence worldwide. Aorus brand is a registered sub-brand of Gigabyte. It specializes in gaming related products – Motherboard, Graphics Card, Keyboard, SSD, Cabinet and CPU Coolers.

gigabyte aorus ud gaming

What is the market share of Motherboard brands?

Motherboard are the backbone of any PC. Market has various competitive brands. Such as, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, AsRock and others. Below chart shows the market share of motherboard :-

For further discussion on motherboards we have chosen Gigabyte because it is popular and provides a bang value for money.

Naming scheme is exploratory in nature does not define the exact nature just by name.

Gigabyte Motherboard comes under three categories – UD (Low), Gaming (Medium) and Aorus (High) series.

Gigabyte Motherboard naming scheme – UD

Have you ever wondered what does these naming convey – S, S2H, S2PH, M, DS2V, DS3H, etc. mean. For example, H110M-S2PH has 2 parts. First, is the Chipset & Form Factor – H110M, the other is the Suffix – S2PH. Here, it is H110 as chipset and M is the mini-ATX form factor. We have defined the Suffix in detail in the table below.

Second part is the suffix. Suffix tells us the difference among the motherboards of same chipset. These differences are to do with PCIe/PCI slots, display options and USB options. More about USB here.

Following list shows the detail of the suffix :-

There is a single chipset that supports all peripheral components. Memory and Graphics controllers are in the CPU itself. Refer the design of CPU here.

The PCIe x16 slots are meant for Graphics Card only. All Gigabyte motherboard has atleast one x16 slot. This is meant for CPU graphics controller. More about graphics card here. More about PCI slots here. Other PCI slots can be used for SSD. More about SSD here. And RAM can be found here.

Gigabyte Motherboard Naming Scheme – Gaming and Aorus

All Gaming Motherboard has minimum 2*M.2 slots and have higher USB slots and better LAN ports than UD.

Now, we have seen the UD motherboard and Gaming. The AORUS motherboard are available as – ELITE, PRO, ULTRA, MASTER & XTREME.

Just the names don’t tell the difference among them. We have listed the Z490 and Z390 Chipset motherboard that tells the difference in them as below. Also, we have included GAMING X, UD, High End UD – Vision G and D as our base models. (Note PCIe already includes x16 – so not included below).

Gigabyte AMD Motherboard Comparison

We have put the list of Gigabyte Motherboards as per Generations. Most of them are available for purchase online. Others can be bought from offline stores.

Finally, following list compares the major Gigabyte AMD Motherboards :-

If you have not read Motherboard FAQs – link here. More about Intel Gigabyte Motherboard here.

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