What is an Access Point/Extender with n/ac/ax product comparison

An access point is a device that extends an existing LAN connection. AP connects to a wired router and then connects wireless devices to the network. But the access point generally connects via another SSID to the end devices.

access point
access point

An access point may also provide PoE access to the powered devices.

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General table for Access Point wifi division :-

Comparison of N300-N450 Access Points

Below table lists the N300-N450 access points :-

Table by Visualizer

Here, TP Link Archer TL-WA901ND is a better option. This is because it offers 3×3 MIMO. Also the WAN port support a Gigabit.

Comparison of AC1200-AC1300 Access Points

Below table lists the AC1200-AC1300 access points :-

Table by Visualizer

AC1200 APs are 2×2 MIMO. D-Link DAP 2610 has PoE budget of 12 W which is higher than other two and QoS. The speed offered here is 867 Mbps on 5 GHz and 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. TP-Link EAP235-Wall i a good 2nd option.

Comparison of AC1800-AC2200 Access Points

Below table lists the AC1800 and AC2200 access points :-

Table by Visualizer

AC2200 offers more speed and therefor Netgear EX7300 is a better option.

Comparison of AX1800 – AX3600 Access Point

Below lists the AX1800 – AX3600 access points :-

Table by Visualizer

AX Access Points provides 1024 QAM support and hence the speed increases drastically.

AX1800, TP-Link EAP620HD is better option as it offers PoE ports with 12.5W PoE Budget. It is dual band router. D-Link DAP X2810 with 2×2 MIMO is the starting range from D-Link.

AX3600 is also a dual band AP but it is 8×8 MIMO supported AP. It offers 18.5W PoE Budget. Here, TP-Link EAP660HD also offers 2.5G port which is good to see.

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